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The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack provides the latest news and developments on attacks on education and efforts to protect and prevent them. Information older than three months is included in the News Archive.

A northwestern Pakistani province is taking criminal action against 70 schools that have failed to tighten security with measures such as installing barbed wire following a December high school attack that killed 132 children.

The international community must act “collectively and expeditiously” to thwart the growing number of children affected by armed conflicts, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today, as the Security Council met to discuss the myriad horrors faced by children caught up in wars worldwide.

Israel is allegedly pressuring United Nations officials in Jerusalem to keep the Israel Defense Forces off the UN secretary-general’s “list of shame” of armed groups that commit grave violations of children’s rights during armed conflict, the Guardian reported last week.

The Israeli military yesterday announced that it was opening an investigation into the shelling of a UN school in the Gaza Strip last summer which, according to Palestinian accounts, left 21 Palestinians dead and more than 100 wounded, including women and children, during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

KARACHI: The students of a primary school located in North Nazimabad had just finished the morning assembly when unidentified motorcyclists threw a cracker bomb on their school on Wednesday morning.