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This is the math class, and now this is not a class, this is a bunker of the army,” exclaims a young South Asian girl surveying a school classroom. In her voice is a touch of despair, tinged with a dose of disgust.

Next week, Norway will host an international summit focused on guaranteeing safe schools for children who live in countries affected by armed conflict.

The State is being urged to sign up to a global declaration on “safe schools” aimed at giving places of learning special protection from military use under international law.

A Syrian teacher was killed and 23 students were wounded when a mortar shell hit their school on Wednesday in the heart of Damascus, Syrian state media said.

Military Use Risks Students’ Lives, Safety, and Education

States should act to deter the military use of schools and universities, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) in a study released today. The use of schools and universities for military purposes during conflict by armed forces and non-state armed groups endangers students and their education.