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Yesterday’s attack on the Garissa University College in Kenya leading to reported killings of more than 147 students, teachers and university staff is yet another shocking reminder of how education has become a target of violent attacks by extremist groups.

The European University Association is dismayed by and strongly condemns the terrorist attack that unfolded at Garissa University College in Kenya on Thursday 2 April killing 147 students and leaving at least 79 people wounded.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has strongly condemned the armed attack on Garissa University College in Kenya that occurred on 2 April 2015 and has cost the lives of at least 70 students, resulting in a large number of casualties.

After Pakistan, Nigeria and South Sudan, a fourth country has now become the most recent victim of heinous terrorist attacks on students and educational establishments.

A deadly attack at a Kenyan university demonstrates that higher education institutions are a “soft target” for terrorists, campaigners have said.The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack said the assault by Islamist al-Shabab militants on Garissa University College, close to the Somalian border, represented an attempt to extinguish the transmission of “Western” values.

The UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown said:

“Gunman from the militant group al-Shabab, who have shot and ​taken hostage students in Kenya today, must be sent a message that attacks on schools, colleges and universities are a crimes against humanity and that educational establishments are designed as safe havens​, deserving protection in exactly the same way in the Geneva Conventions as Red Cross hospitals.

‘Today’s attacks are both unjustified and horrifying in equal measure. The simple act of going to school or university is becoming increasingly perilous for young people across the world, with attacks on schools constantly on the rise,’ says Duncan Harvey, country director at Save the Children Kenya.

At least 14 people were killed on Thursday when Islamist militant group al Shabaab stormed a Kenyan university campus, taking Christians hostage and engaging security forces in an extended shootout.

A northwestern Pakistani province is taking criminal action against 70 schools that have failed to tighten security with measures such as installing barbed wire following a December high school attack that killed 132 children.

Four students – the youngest of whom was just 13 years old – were brutally murdered in Comayaguela, Honduras between 24-25 March 2015. All had participated in protests against the lack of teaching materials and resources in schools, and the proposed lengthening of classroom hours