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In Gaza last week, another person died from an attack that hit a school.

A World at School today launches a 15-point plan for a Pakistan Safe Schools Initiative - backed fully by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and United Nations Special Envoy for Education Gordon Brown...

It is relentless. This week, there were two more attacks on schoolchildren both in Afghanistan, one at a girls’ school, where staff were bludgeoned and bombs set off, and the other at a neighboring boys’ school, where a classroom was sprayed with bullets.

A new United Nations human rights report seeking to analyse the problem of attacks against girls trying to access education found that schools in at least 70 different countries were attacked in the five years between 2009 and 2014, with many attacks specifically targeting girls, parents and teachers advocating for gender equality in education.

The importance of education is indisputable. The problem is that the international community's credibility in promising universal education has been compromised

When Pakistani Taliban militants stormed a Peshawar school and massacred 150 children and teachers, nobody could fight back.

Hundreds of Pakistani students protesting against a French magazine for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad stormed a Christian boys' school demanding it close, officials and police said Tuesday.

Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi joined pupils at a Nairobi primary school who defied riot police firing teargas to reclaim their sports field.

Save the Children condemns the use of tear gas and excessive force on children who were peacefully demonstrating against the alleged grabbing of their playground.

Child survivors of December's shooting at a Peshawar school are living with the trauma