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We hope that all the countries in the former Yugoslavia will soon follow Serbia’s example in protecting schools, universities, students, and educators from targeted attacks.

The presence of fighters in schools disproportionately affects girls, who are especially exposed to dangers like sexual violence.

Human Rights Watch recommends that the Committee recommend that the government of Guinea endorse and implement the Safe Schools Declaration.

Schools and universities in Somalia have been used as military bases, both by AMISOM forces and the al-Shabaab militants they are fighting.

According to the UN, 1 in 3 children in Syria are out of school and 1 in 3 schools are not operating because they have been damaged, destroyed, used by military forces, or used to shelter displaced civilians.

The United Nations (UN) is “concerned” about continuing terrorist attacks on educational institutions and the military’s use of schools

On Sunday three suicide bombers attacked the university killing themselves and a security guard.

On June 21, dozens of armed Islamist rebels stormed and occupied a school on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Several students sitting exams were wounded in an explosion at a school.

Pro-Islamic State militants stormed a school in the southern Philippines early on Wednesday and are holding several students hostage.