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U.K. announces endorsement during Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London.

Four attacks across Afghanistan on Saturday night and Sunday killed at least 26 government security officers, while two schools were also set ablaze.

NRC encourages the Colombian government to sign the Safe Schools Declaration, to ensure that schools are protected.

Children across Japan are returning to school this week for the new semester, but elsewhere in the world as many as 263 million children won’t be so lucky.

Today, a coalition of Syrian nongovernmental groups arrived in Geneva with a simple demand: to Save Syrian Schools.

43 per cent of 1.7 million school-aged Syrians are out of school

Human Rights Watch statement to HRC panel on Protecting the Rights of the Child in Humanitarian Situations

73 countries have committed to protect education in armed conflict

More than 100 Nigerian schoolgirls are missing after an attack on a boarding school by Boko Haram jihadists

Students and teachers fled for their lives when Boko Haram fighters attacked a girls' boarding school in Nigeria.