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Another concern was the high number of attacks on schools and teachers, especially the increase since 2015 of such attacks in indigenous communities.

Since the South Sudanese civil war began in December 2013, one in three schools have been attacked by armed forces, according to a recent report by the South Sudan Education Cluster.

‘‘Schools are left in ruins, some occupied by warring forces, death of innocent people is rampant,’’ Michael Lopuke, an undersecretary at the ministry of education, said in an e-mail.

A high school building was partially blown up and equipment of a mobile phone tower, which is yet to begin functioning, was set on fire by suspected Maoist operatives.

Teachers in the northern areas near Mali began receiving threats in January and were told to change their secular curriculum to Koranic education.

Britain’s Political Parties Should Endorse the Safe Schools Declaration

Hundreds of schools have been bombed or closed - but the international community has not done enough to support education, according to Save the Children.

The report from the Education Cluster documents the challenges of providing an education in the world's youngest country.

The Government Should Honor Malala’s Courage, Endorse the Safe Schools Declaration

School buildings are preferred by armed groups for use as bases or barracks as they are typically the most solid structures in town.