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Attacks on hospitals and schools have become the "new normal".

Children continue to pay the heaviest price of attacks on schools, which leave them unable to learn or fulfil their potential. This is why the governments of Argentina and Norway champion the Safe Schools Declaration.

Welcome to the second edition of Safe Schools Declaration News, covering the period from October-December 2017.

The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack* coordinates advocacy for endorsement, and monitors implementation, of the Safe Schools Declaration, a state-led process that is co-championed by the governments of Argentina and Norway. This update aims to share developments in the Safe Schools process with interested stakeholders.

NRC encourages the Colombian Government to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, and step up its efforts to ensure that schools are safe and protected.

The Somali government has taken some steps to protect schools and students, Human Rights Watch said. In 2016 it endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration.

The attacks on Eastern Ghouta, 15 kilometers from the Syrian capital, resulted in the closing of schools, depriving many children in the besieged area of access to education.

Some 27 million children in conflict zones have been forced out of school.

Educational facilities are used in armed conflicts—with children inside. We need to stop this.

Every child deserves an education without fear of violence or attack. Every school should be a safe place for children to learn, play and fulfil their potential.

Panama City hosted a defense workshop on the Safe Schools Declaration on December 5-6, 2017 with representatives of 10 countries who have endorsed the Declaration.