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New York, 9 February 2012 – Following another violent day in Syria, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy reiterated her call to the Syria authorities to stop the killing and maiming of children.

COTORRA, Colombia — It was a savage, mafia-style hit.

Alejandro Peñata, a Colombian teacher and union activist, was strangled with a length of barbed wire that was still coiled around his neck when his brother fished his corpse out of a drainage ditch.

Security Forces Detain Juveniles, Occupy Schools

(New York) – Syrian army and security officers have detained and tortured children with impunity during the past year, Human Rights Watch said today... Human Rights Watch has also documented government use of schools as detention centers, military bases or barracks, and sniper posts, as well as the arrest of children from schools.

On February 1, Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, bombed a school in the village of Heiban in South Kordofan on the first day of classes. Eyewitnesses report that eight bombs were dropped and two landed inside the school compound destroying two buildings. No injuries were reported, even though the school was full of students, an outcome the church group that built and supports the school called “a miracle.”

PESHAWAR: A powerful bomb blast left a girls school in ruins on Dera-Sherani road in the Dera Ismail Khan area, officials said late Thursday night.

The incident took place around 2am in the Kalaa-e-Saeedan area, where a girls primary school was blown up.

"We told the children not to enter the building because the soldiers had weapons everywhere,” an official explained as he pointed to the corner of a government office where the soldiers had stacked guns. The troops had arrived in Gueday, a small village in the Cordillera Autonomous Region in northern Luzon, Philippines, in April 2010, just before the national elections.

The leader of a radical Islamist sect launching increasingly bloody attacks in Nigeria has rejected offers for a negotiated peace, instead promising to kidnap government officials' family members and bomb schools, according to an internet audio message allegedly posted by the group.

Armed Forces Should Cease Military Use of Schools

(New York) – The Philippine armed forces should end its unlawful use of schools for military purposes, Human Rights Watch said today.

More than 50 schools continue to be occupied by armed groups in Yemen, while about 80 are closed due to security concerns. In Sa’ada, agencies reported that most children are not receiving adequate quality basic education. In Taiz, at least four schools have been affected by recent violence. One school was burnt down after students refused it to be occupied by a pro-government armed group.

Classes cancelled in Ashdod, Beersheba, Gan Yavne; 4 projectiles fired in total in latest attack; Iron Dome system intercepts Grad over Beersheba; none hurt, no damage reported; US ambassador condemns continued barrage.