Other Resources

The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack is committed to collecting and presenting the latest research, published papers, reviews, and reports from the various agencies and partner organizations working within this field.


Breaking the Cycle of Crisis Save the Children, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
Political Violence and Intimidation against Teachers in Zimbabwe Research and Advocacy Unit, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
Children and Armed Conflict: Report of the Secretary-General (A/66/782–S/2012/261) United Nations Security Council, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
No One to Trust: Children and Armed Conflict in Colombia Watchlist, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
The Language of the Police Batons: Attacks on Teachers and Students in Zimbabwe SAIH, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
State of Human Rights in 2011 Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
Briefing Note: Occupation of Schools by Armed Forces South Sudan Education Cluster, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
No Place for Children: Child Recruitment, Forced Marriage, and Attacks on Schools in Somalia Human Rights Watch, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
No Safe Places: Yemen’s Crackdown on Protests in Taizz Human Rights Watch, 2012 Download PDF in:  English
Côte d’Ivoire Situation Report #35 UNICEF, 2012 Download PDF in:  English



For additional resources, visit the following organizations:

ActionAid www.actionaid.org

Care International www.care.org

Child Soldiers International www.child-soldiers.org

CARA (Council for Assisting Refugee Academics) www.cara1933.org

Education International www.ei-ie.org

Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org

Institute of International Education / IIE Scholar Rescue Fund www.iie.org / www.scholarrescuefund.org

INEE (Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies) http://www.ineesite.org/

International Rescue Committee www.rescue.org

Norwegian Refugee Council www.nrc.no

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees www.unhcr.org

Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict http://educationandconflict.org/

Save the Children www.savethechildren.net

Scholars at Risk Network www.scholarsatrisk.nyu.edu

United Nations Children's Fund www.unicef.org

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization http://www.unesco.org/

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestenian Refugees www.unrwa.org

Warchild International www.warchild.org

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict http://www.watchlist.org/