The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack is a unique inter-agency coalition formed in 2010 to address the problem of targeted attacks on education during armed conflict.

  • Campaign
    #EducationCountdown calls for support of the Lucens Guidelines
    Military use of schools is a serious impediment to achieving universal primary education, and a significant risk factor for attacks on schools. Join the campaign and send a letter to UN ambassadors demanding they support and implement the Lucens Guidelines.
  • Guidelines
    Norway Leading the Way to End Military Use of Schools
    The Norwegian government has announced that it will lead the process to promote international standards to protect schools and universities from military use during armed conflict. Countries around the globe should work with Norway to support this initiative.
  • Briefing Paper
    Protecting Education Personnel from Targeted Attack in Conflict-Affected Countries
    This report was released on Malala Day 2014 to recognize the courage of teachers like Malala’s father, who too often place their lives at risk simply by going to work. It documents attacks on educators in more than 20 conflict-affected countries and what's being done to keep them safe.
  • Briefing Paper
    The Role of Communities in Protecting Education from Attack: Lessons Learned
    This paper examines how local and international organizations have engaged communities to protect schools, students, and teachers in countries experiencing attacks on education. It synthesizes lessons learned in 21 countries, including a case study from Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Report
    Education under Attack 2014
    This global study charts the scale and nature of attacks on education from 2009 to 2013. It provides the most extensive documentation of attacks on education to date, including profiles of the 30 most seriously affected countries.

Interactive map

An interactive map with information on countries affected by targeted attacks on education.

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Latest news

Dispatches: School’s Out in Syria

According to a report released this week by the United Nations independent commission of inquiry for Syria, more than 2.8 million children in Syria are out of school because of the occupation of their schools by government armed forces or irregular armed groups, or the destruction and general insecurity of their schools.

Insurgents Kill Muslim Teacher in Thailand

A bomb exploded as a group of officers escorted teachers to a school in the Kokpo district of Pattani, killing a 28-year-old female and injuring another and a policeman.

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“Schools must be safe places of learning and development for all children. They should be zones of peace. Those who attack schools and hospitals should know that they will be held accountable.”

- Secretary General's 10th Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict, 2011